Lost boys.

Hate, racism, and bigotry have no place in this world, and definitely not in this country where men and women of all races, creeds, colors, nationalities fought for our freedoms, some giving their lives for it.  In the heat of war and battle, when these very heroes are covered in mud, sweat, and blood, the color of skin is irrelevant.  

Kintsugi – you can call me Sugi

Kintsugi - is the Japanese art of mending broken things, filling the cracks with gold to restore its natural shape while strengthening the item.   “it’s very important that we understand the spiritual backgrounds or the history behind… the material.”  “to find beauties in broken things or old things,” “It’s one beautiful way of living, that you fix [it] by yourself.”

Come at me bro.

Y'all ever have one of those days where you are just angry, mad, frustrated?  Like no matter what is happening the response is just grrrrr.  The last few days have been a bit manic and sadness has quickly turned to a fist thrown upward like "what the hell, man!?".   And no, before you even think... Continue Reading →


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